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{Our Work Process }

Our Work Process

We help deliver your unique message… with that in mind we highlight with every new client that going online means going into the toughest global market where your next competitor is only just one click away.


we fully take on board the needs and wants of our customer. We hold an initial meeting with all of our clients. With Us we bounce around ideas to come up with an efficient strategy to best represent your online presence. By analysing your market sector & competitors we can see what areas we need to focus on to best communicate your brand. We also look at your company’s Unique Selling Points’ (USPs) and use this important marketing aspect to custom build your website to your needs. In a market where your message is being broadcast 24/7, 365 days a year, your USPs’ need to be at the forefront of your business message and Pro IDEA Egypt will help you ensure this. If your audience clearly gets your message, they can then make a more informed decision to make that call, instantly, or even request a call back that could turn a solid potential lead into a sale.


Next we move on to the design phase of the website creation process. We works with the team as we take all the ideas discussed in the initial meetings and formulate them into a custom home page website design . We use The Most Newly Technologies in Design and we take care about the responsive Design aspect (Mobile Website – Tablet & ipad Website design – TV Screen – and others Device ) The design is then emailed to you for further discussion & once approved the next stage, development begins.


The development is basically taking the agreed design and making it actually work. This involves Our Development Team coding the site, using the latest Web 2.0 technology & implementing a content management system called Word Press , Joomla , Drupal , Or Asp.net CMS Like – Umbraco or even our private CMS System ) Or Even A Shpping Carts Like (OS Commerce – Magento –Zencart and others Shopping carts … )which permits you to make updates & changes as required. This process can take up to 7/14 days and is then put up on a test link & readied for content to be added. At this time, an SEO plug-in is added to permit the introduction of key words, meta descriptions/tags etc which help with the implementation of onsite search engine optimisation. As standard, we also register the business location with Google Maps for customers to find your office location & Submit To Website Directories & set up Google Analytics, a tool to help analyse the traffic to your site once made live.


This stands for search engine optimisation, an area our SEO specialist loves and basically brings the package together, meanings, content, keywords, basically the road map for Google to understand your service. Google do not read imagery, thus images are titled, keyword analysis on Google Adwords Tool helps identify key market areas for your service (where the searches are actually going on) thus your content as in wording is optimised, with page titles, H1’s, H2’s and the distribution of that keyword throughout the text. Google is about relevance, the Semantic web, thus the more relevant you are about your actual service, the more likely Google will offer up your service as a solution to the enquirer. Here substance takes over form, quality leads to results, the foundation to future ranking & business online.


The buzz word today is social media which will shortly be the media as all such services are growing at an enormous service online. If you want a news report now, latest You Tube video, confirmation of a rumour, we go now online for the factual, up to date, latest news. This is where social media has taken off as now we often have real life news at the scenes, short snippets, short to the point & easily passed on. Thus when we design a website, we set up the social media & skin it with your company identity & details. We make it another communication tool where you can drive your service information, your online presence by building up a following. This following then becomes a readymade audience who can interact directly with your services/offers or pass on simply to friends, colleagues, relations, instantly & effortlessly, all with the touch of a button.


This is the best bit, the grand finale, when all the hard work bears fruit & your service goes live, 24x7x365. Yes an untapped resource is now made available to your customers across the globe potentially. Your old brochure, letters of communication etc are now digital and what’s more can be interacted with by your potential customers’ right in their own home. 10 years ago any company owner would have given anything to highlight their service to a key decision maker, in a relaxed environment, in the comfort of their own home/office, personally with all the correct facts & information. Well now it is here, available online & never sleeps. Going live not only involves switching on, but letting Google know that your service is now there by submitting a site map & then providing a free support service for the first month to ensure a smooth introduction.


It is pointless developing a marketing tool, a communication device if it is not to be used. Thus with every project completion, we include training. Why you may ask? Well it is the value proposition and customer satisfaction we want as a company. If our clients are happy, we are happy, what’s more they may tell others. Last year 40% of our business came from word of mouth referrals thus customer satisfaction is essential for our business. Thus training helps the user better understand the content management system, adopt it’s practicality & ease of use & then make it a dynamic marketing tool, one that they can update and change themselves as their service, offering, business grows & expands. Training normally takes about an hour and we are on hand by telephone afterwards if assistance is needed.


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